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Oakville’s Best Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, Foot Care, Acupuncture, Car Accident Treatment and Orthotics Treatment Centre

Introducing Dundas Chiropractic – Your Path to Optimal Health

  • Trusted Care Center: A dedicated team of skilled doctors and experienced staff, committed to your well-being.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Specializing in diverse pain relief – from nagging backaches and neck stiffness to sciatica and herniated discs.
  • Total Body Wellness: Treating a wide range of ailments including foot discomfort, toenail issues, and even plantar fasciitis.
  • Tailored Treatments: Personalized care options, from orthotics and proper toe care to advanced surgical solutions, ensuring your unique needs are met.
  • In-House Convenience: With our state-of-the-art X-ray facilities right on-site, your journey to health is made seamless.
  • Swift Relief: Experience relief from your very first visit – no mandatory sessions or lengthy treatment plans.
  • Dedicated to Your Health: Our mission is clear – providing the essential care you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Choose Dundas Chiropractic – Your Partner in Health and Wellness 


Dundas Chiropractic makes booking an appointment easy, with proper care and treatment just a simple phone call away. New patients will always be able to enjoy the same professional care and attitude we show our existing ones; we will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and informed for your entire visit to our clinic. We are one of Oakville’s best and most reputable clinics, and we are prepared in every way to handle your situation and relieve you of your pain.

Our Services

best chiropractor in oakville and mississauga

Pain relief, mobility, and back to having fun. This is the way we should be. Dr. Geisler has always taken a unique position from many other clinics as he not only explains your condition (diagnosis) and what the best treatment should be but then and differently, respects the wishes of the patient as to what they want and only treats that area they desire. If the patient doesn’t want i.e. their neck manually adjusted but would like the muscles worked on, he only works on the muscles (unlike some other clinics).Dr. Geisler continually listens to patient’s wishes and will use manual adjustments (gentle if patient desires)…

spinal decompression in oakville and mississauga

Our spinal decompression treatments are an effective and non-invasive treatment option for back pain sufferers. This form of treatment involves the special use of a spinal decompression table that works to slowly separate the vertebrae of your spine, causing a vacuum inside the gel located in the discs between the vertebrae. The vacuum draws any gel, water, oxygen, and nutrients that have spilled out back into the disc, allowing for the spine to heal. Spinal decompression is an effective treatment that can help you to start feeling like yourself again in no time.

 chiropractor in oakville and mississauga

A car accident can cause major trauma to the body, and the spine is no exception to this. Sprains, strains, and whiplash are the most common spine problems that are caused by car accidents, and at Dundas Chiropractic, we can provide treatment for all of these. Our team consists of physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and chiropodists, all of whom are committed to helping you to heal and get back to your pre-accident self. With help from Dundas Chiropractic, your accident won’t be holding you back for very long.

 best chiropractor in oakville and mississauga

For foot problems and foot pain, Dundas Chiropractic offers effective Chiropody treatments including orthotic treatments. Foot health is unfortunately often neglected, but it can have detrimental effects on the rest of the body including the knees, legs, and spine. We also treat afflictions such as ingrown toenails, painful bunions, corns, or callouses, fungal nail or skin infections, and plantar warts.

 chiropractor in oakville and mississauga

Our registered Massage Therapy treatments are a great way to melt your pain away and start feeling great again. Oftentimes, pain and discomfort can be cured using the healing touch of massage to deeply penetrate your muscles and loosen them to the point that they are revitalized and functioning properly. Our registered massage therapists are experienced, and they are committed to helping you feel better.

spinal decompression mississauga & Oakville

Our therapeutic laser treatments can help with relieving pain and discomfort associated with a number of afflictions including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, ligament/tendon/muscle damage, herniated disc, and osteoarthritis. Cold laser therapy is completely safe and pain-free, meaning you can take advantage of this healing method with total peace of mind.

 best chiropractor in oakville and mississauga
This 3000 year old treatment comes from China and is still used today all over the world as a form of pain relief. It works by having thin needles puncture the skin along the meridians of your body (where your body’s energy flows). It is pain-free and can help you to feel better in ways that other treatments cannot.

    Your Oakville Family Chiropractors and Pain Therapists

    We are conveniently located at Trafalgar and Dundas in Oakville. Our location has been helping us to serve the Oakville community as well as surrounding communities for many years. Our friendly front desk staff will make you feel welcome the second you walk through our doors. We guarantee your experience with Dundas Chiropractic to be a pleasant one, and we are committed to doing everything we can to make sure you are happy when you arrive as well as when you leave. We encourage you to ask questions so that all of your concerns are addressed in order for thorough, efficient, and effective treatment to take place. We see patients by appointment and we welcome walk-in visits as well, which means a visit to Dundas Chiropractic is always easy and convenient!

    Dr. Donald Geisler – Oakville Chiropractor; Anam Karbhari – Oakville Chiropodist; Anousha Usman – Oakville Naturopath; Anita Potym – Oakville Registered Massage Therapist; Stephanie Park – Oakville Registered Massage Therapist; Irvinder Tinna – Oakville Acupuncturist. Dundas Chiropractic Centre | (905)257-5628

    360 Dundas St E, Unit B4
    What Patients are saying ….
    “Several months ago I suffered an extremely bad back strain and went to see Dr Geisler. It was the first time I had sought chiropractic care. The difference in my mobility after the first visit alone was astounding.Both my husband and myself have now seen Dr Geisler and are very impressed with the treatments and the advice given.”  D.Eyben
    “Dr. Geisler is an excellent Chiropractor. He is very knowledgable and excellent at what he does. He and his staff are always friendly and welcoming. I drive out of my way to go there.” Laura B.
    “Wow, are there enough words I can find to describe Dr Ali and her care at Dundas Chiropractic Centre? I was hesitant to go in as I have a low pain tolerance but she walked me through what was going on with my foot and I left with my foot feeling amazing!! Very knowledgeable and compassionate! Will definitely recommend the clinic!” Jennifer B.
    “Great chiropractors and staff. Treated sciatica after years of pain.” Heather K.
    “Dr. Geisler and his staff are warm and inviting. A true professional whom I have been seeing for years. I would highly recommend Dundas Chiropractic Centre.” Robert W.
    “I’ve tried several chiropractors, and Dr. Geisler is the best. I’ve been seeing him for 4 years now! All these 5 star reviews are absolutely deserved.” Sanjay S.
    “Excellent service !!! Dr. Donald Geisler is wonderful. No hesitation in recommending anybody to go to him. I have a back problem. But, never stay away from physical activities. Many occasions, I had to see him on short notice. Each time, he fixes me and I am back doing everything I want to do. Without his help, I would have been in real trouble. Thanks Doc. The reception desk is amazing too: never disappoint you when you call for an appointment.” Babu J.
    “Dr. Geisler is extremely knowledgeable and a companionate soul who understand the needs of his patients. Wonderful staff, very courteous and professional. Highly recommended!!” Diana C.
    “Good chiropractors are hard to find and I was very happy when I found Donald. He is professional and honest, and makes me feel comfortable. The staff are very nice and well organized. Office hours are convenient, and I am able to pop in for my regular adjustment on way to work.” Kevin U.
    Dundas Chiropractic, Health & Wellness Centre - Chiropractors, Massage Therapists & Chiropodists in Oakville (Video Transcripts)

    Are you tired of suffering from pain and discomfort and frustrated that you can’t get rid of it? Dundas Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression and Health Care are experts in pain relief and treatment of low back pain, sciatica leg pain and foot conditions. We are specialize in non surgical spinal decompression, orthotics and foot care. Effective treatments that work and help to relieve your pain and discomfort today. Dundas chiropractic, spinal decompression, foot and health care experts are here to relieve your pain. Call us today!

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