If you have recently gotten a pair of orthotics and you are experiencing pain while wearing them, you have feet that are sore, achy or feeling cramped. Then you might be wondering why your orthotics are causing pain to your feet and why they aren’t doing the opposite?

It can be quite disheartening to see that your orthotics are making you feel worse than you started, however, there are options available to you. There are a lot of reasons this could be happening to you. Understanding the reason why will be able to help you manage your pain symptoms and find solutions to help end it or at least reduce it. These are some of the top reasons your orthotics are hurting your feet, with solutions that might help fix your problem.

Remember that the best way to understand why your orthotics are hurting your feet is to book an immediate appointment with your orthotics.


Your Orthotics Were Not Properly Fitted Or Designed, Or They Are Old And Worn Out

Having an improper design or fit is one of the biggest reasons for foot pain from your orthotics. If you have foot orthotics that do not fit properly, you have purchased an off-the-shelf option that does not fit your unique foot shape properly. Orthotics that are off the shelf are not able to give you any degree of detail that is there when you go with a custom solution. The pain could be telling you that you will need to consider getting a custom orthotic made. It might also be a sign that your orthotics are worn out and need to get replaced.

When you get a replacement orthotic or new orthotic, it is recommended that you also get yourself a comprehensive biochemical assessment and a clinical gait analysis done on your feet so that the source of your pain can be accurately pinpointed.


You Are Not Wearing The Proper Footwear With Your Orthotics

Another main reason why you are experiencing foot pain is not wearing the right footwear with your orthotics. Footwear that is too narrow and cramped and does not have the right support for your feet will most likely result in a range of issues. Your footwear might have been right for you at one point in time; however, it can also become degraded or worn out to still be able to give you the right level of support.

When you get a new pair of orthotics, it’s important that you choose the right footwear to wear with them. The ideal solution is to find footwear that works directly with your orthotics, whether sandals, boots, or shoes.

Improper footwear will cause orthotics to not work correctly, and this will result in feelings of discomfort and might even worsen your original problem. Be sure that you are consulting your chiropodist about your choice of footwear when you are getting new orthotics.