What you Need to Know About Spinal Decompression Therapy

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What is Spinal Decompression?

It’s the process of physical pressure within the spinal cord being released or reduced to a manageable state. To do this, spinal decompression therapy uses the treatment of traction to get the job done. This is the non-surgical technique of drawing pressure from the spinal column with the use of our hands or a mechanical device. Through the use of this method, the spinal muscles are stretched, the intervertebral foramina are expanded and the spinal curves are straightened. The overall purpose of spinal decompression therapy is to relieve pain while promoting an efficient healing environment for injuries.

Does it Work?

As with all treatments, the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy depends on the patient and their injuries. According to several studies on the topic, there is evidence that this treatment is effective, but more research is needed to determine the scale in which the traction method is effective. As with all medical treatments, especially those concerning vital areas such as the spine, there are risks that your doctor will discuss with you before a decision is made.

Who Benefits from Spinal Decompression?

Again, it all depends on the individual and whether or not this treatment is right for your condition. It will depend on a professional diagnosis, the state of your spinal injury and how safe of a treatment it is for you. It’s important to understand that this treatment isn’t for all spinal conditions. In fact, if you or your doctor aren’t careful, it can make the problem much worse.

However, at chiropractic clinics like Dundas Chiropractic, patients who are suitable for this treatment can start experiencing pain relief after the first session. This treatment removes pressure from the nerves, easing the pain. Your body is stretched in a safe and effective manner by professionals who have been doing this for years with great success. You’ll also be instructed through various stretches that will further aid in healing the spine.

If you’re experiencing neck stiffness, lower back pain, numbness, leg pain, arthritis, bulging or herniated spinal disc, a nerve pinch or anything of the sort, then consider talking to your doctor or chiropractor about how spinal decompression can help.

At Dundas Chiropractic Center, we have trained chiropractic specialists who have your best interests in mind. Located in Oakville, Ontario, we accept any patients who are experiencing chronic pain that other medical alternatives just can’t fix. With services that include non-surgical spinal decompression, massage therapy, orthotics and foot care, acupuncture and more, call or visit our website to book your first appointment with us. New patients are also eligible to receive 15% off their first visit with us, so make the call today!

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