If you often experience pinched nerves, sciatica or have bulging or herniated discs or even arthritis in your spine causing pain or numbness in your lower back, neck or legs, your physiotherapist or chiropractor in Oakville might recommend that you undergo something known as non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. This therapy, unlike traction, has built-in computer sensors and systems which creates negative intradiscal pressure, a vacuum, at a specific spinal segment, done by recognizing when the muscles are tightening and stopping the  pull allowing the muscles to relax before applying the stretch again. This vacuum will “suck” the bulge or herniated gel back into the disc as well as water and nutrients to help the disc heal. If you have never had this type of therapy before you might be wondering what you should expect during your first appointment.

Before Your Appointment

In most cases, your health practitioner will tell you to drink plenty of water before your appointment. Being hydrated will go a long way toward making the entire process productive, and make sure that your body is prepared to stretch without cramping up or other problems. Your doctor might also give you some supplements to take in advance so that your body will have all the nutrients it needs to make the most out of the stretch you will receive.

During Your Appointment

During your spinal decompression session you will be strapped onto a moving table in a laying up position. Once you are safely secured it will start to apply slow and gentle force while starting to stretch the problem area of your spine. It will work through a series of decompressive stretches all the way until it reaches a full stretch, but it will depend on your condition. A typical session can last up to 45 minutes, and it will cycle through stretching and relaxing.

After Your Appointment

Once you are finished with your session, your doctor may remind you to drink plenty of water to help give your spine what they need to repair. They may also give you a few exercises to practice while you are recovering at home so that you can stay comfortable between your chiropractor sessions in Oakville. In other cases, your doctor might recommend that you use some cold packs or a heating pad to help heal the condition after treatment and to prevent inflammation.

In many cases, spinal decompression therapy will need very little from you. Your job is to just show up and make sure that you are properly hydrated and have the nutrients it needs so the non-surgical spinal decompression equipment will be able to do its job. 

For more information on how you can achieve long-lasting relief with spinal decompression therapy, contact Dundas Chiropractic in Oakville to set up an appointment.


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