Treating Headaches and Migraines With Chiropractic Therapy

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Being able to complete tasks and go about your day with ease can seem nearly impossible when you struggle with strong headaches and migraines. Clarity, processing emotions and making sound decisions can become an extremely frustrating task and leave you feeling helpless. Treating your migraine or headache condition is necessary to ensure you’re able to function and focus properly.

Many people utilize chiropractic therapy to alleviate the pain of migraines. Chiropractic therapy uses a variety of different techniques to treat headaches and migraines. Here’s a guide to the most common chiropractic treatments:

Chiropractic Therapy For Migraines and Headaches

Migraines are more powerful than headaches often including other symptoms such as nausea and dizziness. Overwhelming throbbing and pulsing sensations may occur on one or both sides of one’s head, which can worsen from light sensitivity. Chiropractic therapy options to treat migraines include the following:

  • Deep Tissue Therapy: This treatment can alleviate chronic pain and improve wellness and strength in the neck and head area. Our chiropractors will use effective firm pressure along with softer strokes to massage the deeper tissue and muscles that are causing the root of your migraine pain. Applying deep, gliding movements to the head area with fingertips releases suboccipital muscle spasms, which are often the cause of severe headaches or migraines. This massage controls the facial muscles and compression, which can help with the chronic pain in the head.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments: Your adjustments would be performed by the best chiropractor in Oakville to apply controlled and slight but a sudden force to a spinal joint to treat your headache and migraine. Our goal is to treat the area causing you chronic pain and can be effective in relieving the tension and uncomfortable sensation in your head.
  • Trigger Point Massage: Similar to the deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy eases tense muscles by using controlled pressure to the area. The migraine may be coming from the upper region of the head area such as the eyes or the temple and having a treatment on the head and neck area can provide relief to chronic pain.

How Chiropractic Therapy Alleviates Head Pain

  • Restores the individual’s optimal nervous system by proper alignment
  • Reduces irritation in the nerves that communicate pain signals into the brain
  • Decreases muscle tension that is a trigger for migraines and tension headaches
  • Restores proper blood flow 
  • Allows the body to heal naturally
  • Strengthens certain muscles that support the spine
  • The Chiropractor will be able to identify the migraine causes and how to avoid and treat them

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