Top 3 Myths About Custom Foot Orthotics

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If you are thinking about buying custom foot orthotics, it’s important to debunk the myths out there that have already been said about these shoes. If you’ve never heard about any of the myths about custom foot orthotics, you might start to see them when you ask friends, family or even go on the internet. When deciding whether the material and product would be the best fit for your needs and body, you will want to take into consideration all the factors of pain you’re experiencing in your lower body areas, which include any joint or muscle pains in the feet and legs. We want you to make sure you have all the facts, and not just myths before taking into consideration whether you should buy custom foot orthotics to protect and comfort your feet.

  1. The first myth is that they are only used by the elderly, foot problems do occur later in life for many people, which is why the myth is common. But the truth is that arthritis, heel or foot pains, and any diabetic factors to foot growth can start in children, teens and worsen as you go into your early adult stages. This is why foot orthotics can create a perfectly comfortable space for children or teens when they are at school, or for adults and the elderly while they are working.
  1. Have you ever heard that orthotics don’t provide different treatments than over-the-counter ones would? Well, that’s another myth, drugstores or shoe stores can’t properly measure your feet size or make the orthotics that will help with any pains you are having. 
  1. The last myth is that custom foot orthotics are way too expensive, but let us tell you the truth. While over-the-counter orthotics are less expensive, they may not meet your needs at all. Custom foot orthotics may have a little more cost to them, but they are designed to meet comfortable positions of your feet, such as your arch or space for the length of your toes.

These are three of the many myths made about foot orthotics, and they are one too many. Your feet deserve to be comfortable while still having the perfect design that fits your needs. Dundas Chiropractic offers chiropractic services in Oakville, we also design the perfect custom orthotics for our clients based on any foot or leg pains they may be experiencing. 

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