The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Treatment

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5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Treatment

Massage therapy is not always a luxury; it is a necessity for many. There is more to the treatment than just relaxation. An occasional massage can help you unwind, but regular massage therapy helps you heal from a deeper level, relieve physical and mental stress, and help you face each day with positive, recharged energy. Find out more about how a therapeutic massage treatment can help you:

  1. Dispel Depression: If your physical ailments or mental distress is giving way to depression, the healing touch of a massage professional can do wonders. Studies at the International Journal of Neuroscience show that those who receive regular massages report less anxiety, stress, and anger. 
  2. Relieve Headaches: Headaches are the most common result of accumulated stress. Cure chronic tension with deep tissue massages or even better, prevent them from occurring in the first place by pre-booking appointments. Relief from aches and pains also allows you to correct your posture and reinforce natural movements for better health.
  3. Defend the Body Against Diseases: in 2010, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine found that a massage boosts the white blood cell count that helps in warding off diseases. This improves the immune system and boosts health.
  4. Deeper Sleep: If you suffer from insomnia, massage therapy can help you sleep undisturbed, so you wake up well rested. It helps everyone sleep better for that matter – from adults recovering from cancer treatments to babies needing sleep. All you need is a professionally trained hand.
  5. Breathe Easy: Stress is usually accumulated from improper breathing. Massage therapy can remove breathing constrictions and respiratory problems, helping the body fall more into a relaxed state and relieve anxiety. Breathing easy can bring down agitation and anger, improve mental well being, and resume daily activities with vigour.
  6. Keeps Joints Supple: With age, our joints tighten up making movement tougher. Things that we took for granted earlier such as walking and sitting can become more painful. Regular massages help in keeping the muscles and joints more fluid and flexible. This also helps you prevent injury. In the event of an injury, a gentle massage can relieve pain and build back muscle strength to the affected area by stimulating blood circulation.

Call Dundas Chiropractic in Oakville for Massage Therapy

It is easy to book an appointment with Dundas Chiropractic Spinal Decompression and Healthcare Centre. Long trusted as a reputed centre for chiropractic care and massage therapy, we are happy to receive new patients and continue to pamper our existing patients with a wide range of services to help heal quick.

Healing Techniques 

Our certified therapists offer a variety of treatments and techniques as part of your treatment:

  • Swedish Massage for relaxing the body and improving circulation
  • Trigger Point Therapy to allow weak muscles to regain strength
  • Joint Play to alleviate pain and allow easy movement once again
  • Muscle Energy Technique to lengthen and strengthen muscle tissue 
  • Myofascial Release to stimulate muscle stretch reflex
  • Cranial Sacral therapy to ease mental stress, migraines and chronic pain.

Call us today to treat common and chronic conditions from frozen shoulder, tendonitis, sprains, strain injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, back pains, and much more. Get back on the road to healing without adverse side effects.

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