What will it feel like & when will I get relief of the pain?

Most people are in pain when they arrive at the office and they want immediate pain relief. Most patients experience pain relief (sciatica, leg pain, lower back pain, arm pain or neck pain) during the first treatment. This treatment removes any pressure on the nerves and stops the pain. The table gently, mechanically “stretches” your spine in an effective and safe way. The amount of “pull” is determined by the computer and a number of other factors. The “pull” feels like a gentle handshake or a “pat” on the shoulder. Dr. Geisler explains what you have, what is needed and every aspect of the treatment before anything is done. He is very thorough. Dr. Geisler will also instruct you and guide you through exercises to heal the spine.

I herniated a disc with pain from sciatica down my one leg. I was on three percocets a day. Within a week I was off all the medications and able to sleep. Within a few more days the pain had decreased to only the low back and shortly was gone.
George T

I came to Dr. Geisler as a referral from my medical doctor. After only two treatments I felt the difference in my arm, and I could sleep. The sharp pain down my arm was gone in a few weeks and the numbness was shortly after that.
Tom I

Why Us?

 Proven results over 20 years of treating patients. Experience over 20 years and the most advanced spinal decompression table. The HillDt Solutions Spinal Decompression table, a true decompression table, utilizes Direct-Drive Contact Technology and Bio-Intuitive Technology and Windows 10 touch screen operating system.