Should I Run with Back Pain?

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Running is a great form of exercise but the repetitive stress and impact that is associated with it can lead to back pain. It can also aggravate existing back problems, and this may cause you to consider giving up running, but the good news is that you don’t always have to.

Certain injuries like sprains and strains to lower back ligaments and muscles are common for runners and can occur suddenly or as a result of prolonged stress from your running workouts. While these types of injuries may slow you down for a while, they can usually be treated and you will be able to return to running.

Risks can be minimized by integrating some changes to your warm-up and training routines, as well as changes to your running shoes, running surfaces and distances of your track. A proper warm-up is a must because this will decrease the risks of an injury. Lower back sprains and strains are more likely to occur if you fail to do a warm-up before you start running. A thorough warm-up includes both the core and leg muscles, so make sure to engage in aerobic exercises and yoga and gradually build up speed to facilitate blood flow and allow your muscles time to get used to the motion of running.

Cooling down after your workout is equally as important because it will help your body transition to less-intensive physical activity. Stretching exercises, riding slowly on a stationary bike and gradually slowing the pace of your run until you are walking are all ways of cooling down and will help prevent soreness and injury. It is also important to gently stretch your lower back after you cool down.

Investing in the proper footwear is another very important aspect and it is recommended that you buy footwear suited to your needs so that they fit properly and allow you to run comfortably. This is a must and will decrease the risk of back pain while you run. You must replace your running shoes whenever you notice significant wear and choosing the right socks will also make a difference. Improving your running form will also help and the proper form will minimize the impact on your back and other muscle groups that are involved in running. Make sure you keep your shoulders back and relaxed and your chest must be aimed outward. Taking shorter and faster strides are better than larger strides, so keep that in mind the next time you go out for a run. An improper form will increase the stress to your back significantly and can lead to joint injuries. Hip, knee and ankle pain may occur as a result, so focus on your form and ensure you perfect this aspect.

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