Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and while most of the experience is full of joy, certain aspects can make it challenging to get through. Sciatica pain, in particular, can make the process of pregnancy difficult as it is a painful condition that causes a lot of discomfort.

Back pain is common during pregnancy but sciatica is different because it consists of a sharp pain that shoots through the back. It starts off with some tingling or numbness in either the back or buttocks area and spreads all the way down the legs. Many women experience sciatica during pregnancy as it can be one of the side effects of an otherwise beautiful experience but the good news is that it is temporary. 

There are several reasons why a woman may experience sciatica during pregnancy, including weight gain and increased fluid retention, both of which will put pressure on the sciatic nerve. When the uterus expands, it may also press down on the sciatic nerve in the lower portion of the spine, resulting in sharp pain. During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts will get heavier and as the belly grows, these two factors together will cause their centre of gravity to shift forward. When this happens, the dip portion right above your butt, known as a lordotic curve, will stretch, causing the muscles in that area as well as the pelvic region to tighten up and pinch your sciatic nerve. During the third trimester, the baby will begin to settle into a proper birth position and if the head rests directly on the nerve, this will result in sciatic pain as well.

Sciatica generally occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy and the pain is normally just on one side, although many women experience it in both legs. The frequency of the pain will depend on the amount of pressure that is placed on the nerve and as you gain more weight and retain more fluid, you may notice an increase in the level of pain. In many cases, the pain will remain even after the woman has given birth and will go away in a few months, once the excess weight comes off and fluid is no longer pressing on the nerve. 

When the pain is unbearable, there are things you can do to relieve sciatica and the easiest way to do this is to rest. It’s easier said than done but try not to stand on your feet for too long and rest in comfortable positions so that your back and legs are not in pain. You should also try sleeping on the side of your body that’s not in pain, which will make a difference. Acupuncture, prenatal massages and chiropractic adjustments are also known to help and the experts at Dundas Chiropractic can help with sciatica, orthotics and spinal decompression to relieve patients of their pain. For the best chiropractors in the Mississauga and Oakville areas, visit Dundas Chiropractic today!

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