Naturopathic Therapies

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine explores and utilizes the healing property of plants. The medicinal functions of extracts as well as whole plants have been documented since ancient times and have been researched with respect to their healing abilities in modern day science. Application of herbs can be topical, or ingested via a tea, tincture (extract in alcohol), or encapsulated powders. In accordance to the naturopathic principles, botanical medicine aims to treat the whole person, in a gentle and safe manner. It is important to note however, some plants have strong effects in their concentrated forms, and may interact with other herbs or drugs and it is always best to consult with your prescribing naturopathic doctor before taking any botanical medications.

Nutritional Therapy

While dietary counseling utilizes food as medicine, nutritional therapy takes this one step further and employs the use of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to support the body to modify and correct any deficiencies that may have arisen due to lack of absorption. A naturopath may prescribe certain supplements to stimulate the body’s healing response in a safe and controlled manner.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing art that was developed over thousands of years ago. The philosophy is founded on the notion of balance; energetically and physically, everything exists in a balanced state of yin and yang. There are 5 elements (water, earth, fire, metal, wood), each which express yin and yang as represented by different organ systems. This means, when one element is imbalanced (an organ as an imbalanced sae of yin and yang) the body expresses illness or disease in relation to that element’s organ. Acupuncture works to stimulate pressure points specific to the organ, and other organ systems to help restore balance in the body.


Homeopathy is a gentle and non-invasive natural therapy, based on the principle of like cures like. The homeopathic remedy is an extremely diluted form of a substance or herb which only carries the energetic properties of their substance of herb to gently create a healing response in the body. Homeopathic remedies are safe and without adverse effects.

Lifestyle Counselling

Naturopathic doctors know the importance of mental and emotional support throughout the healing journey. Lifestyle counseling encompasses a variety of tools to help educate and support patients; talk therapy and motivational counseling are just some of the techniques used by naturopaths in order to provide holistic care.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine is the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and joints and sports and soft tissue injuries. Naturopaths are able to treat and manage these conditions with an array of techniques such as hydrotherapy, cupping, and even acupuncture.

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