Lower Leg Pain? Get Back on Your Feet with Orthotics

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“Orthotics” is a word that is unclear to many. Patients rarely know what it means. Foot orthotics are custom-made non-prescription foot inserts recommended by a specialist to relieve chronic lower limb pain and correct foot posture. They work like prescription glasses for the eyes. They support, cushion and relieve symptoms from disorders such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis and pain in the knees. All you need is to find the right ones recommended by your specialist and slip them into your footwear.

Many assume that they are meant for seniors but the fact is, foot orthotics work for everyone of all ages. They are available in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes depending on the condition to be treated. Some are hard plastic, others are soft foam or carbon laminates designed to slide into a variety of shoes of all sizes: tiny, small, medium or large.

Custom foot orthoses are best for painful foot arches. But it is essential to seek certified orthotists for effective, healing orthopedic footwear. Here’s everything else you need to know. 

Plantar Fascia

Inadequate foot support, stress or foot damage can sometimes make it difficult to walk or even move about. Orthotics cradle the foot, stabilize the heal and support the arch. They absorb shock, take the pressure off your heels, letting you heal slowly. 


Orthotic footwear also are a good support for athletes to cushion their feet during high impact sports. If you are a runner, play basketball or football these can help. 

Weight Gain

Orthotics help immensely during pregnancy or sudden weight gain when the feet are weighed down with pain as a result of the extra kilos. Wear them over the original insoles so they snugly cushion your feet. Your heels shouldn’t slide around in your shoes. Increasing the duration gradually so your feet adjust slowly and you can wear them all day, comfortably. 

Different Orthotics for Different Conditions

Orthotics are not meant to provide instant pain relief. They gradually reduce the pain. There are predominantly three types of orthotics to relieve discomfort from different conditions.

  • Heel Seats are worn daily for classic insoles that support moderately high arches.
  • Gel Heel Seats are good for daily wear too but they are made of gel, making them perfect for sensitive feet. 
  • Full Length Heel Seats with Arch Support are designed for high arches if that’s where you feel the most pain. 

Orthotics shoes can be expensive. They come in limited style options so make sure you choose yours with care. 

Dundas Chiropractic: Oakville’s Best Orthotics Treatment Centre

Dundas Chiropractic is a professional and trusted chiropractic care centre offering targeted treatments for back pain and related ailments. Our professional team of doctors offer a variety of orthotics to get you back on your feet. To heal quick, step in the right direction. 

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