How to fix low back pain while sitting!

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Lower back pain is very problematic and can prevent you from working, walking and sitting comfortably. Many people experience lower back pain when sitting and there are several causes of this condition including sciatica, a herniated disc, muscle strain, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. 

Bad posture while sitting can also lead to lower back pain and slouching forward or leaning back too far can lead to a number of problems. Many of us are guilty of bad posture and this is something we need to work on, otherwise it will lead to lower back pain and even if poor posture is not the sole reason behind your back pain, it will make matters worse. If you’re not in shape, this too can lead to lower back pain while sitting as weak core muscles will be unable to support your spine but simple stretching exercises and aerobics will help strengthen your core and these exercises will decrease your level of discomfort by reducing the degree of strain on your back.  

Better posture will always make a positive difference so try to sit up straight when sitting otherwise you will start to experience pain. Sitting with your back rounded forward or slumped to one side or leaning too far back will put stress on your spine which can lead to pain and other issues as well. It may take some time but you can sit straighter by positioning your body along an imaginary straight line to extend the length of your back. Try to keep your shoulders level and do not allow your pelvis to rotate forward as this will cause a curve in your lower back. When sitting perfectly straight, you will feel the small of your back stretch and lengthen. 

In addition to improving your posture and exercising, you can also try the following tips to help eliminate back pain while sitting:

  1. Apply ice. Cold will help reduce inflammation that may be affecting your back so leave an ice pack on for about twenty minutes and then remove it. Do this every hour or so until you notice a difference. 
  2. Change your position. Sitting in one position for too long is never a good idea so move around or consider a standing desk. You can also choose a desk that is ergonomically designed to help you maintain good posture as this would allow you to change the height of your monitor. 
  3. Use a heat pad. Once your inflammation is under control, heat can be very soothing so you can use a heat pad after about 24 hours which will promote healing by bringing blood to your back. 
  4. Use support. A lumbar pillow or a rolled up towel will make a very big difference when placed at the base of your spine while sitting as these supports will remind you to sit up straight while also providing you with stability as well. 

The experts at Dundas Chiropractic will help eliminate your lower back pain so if you are looking for a reputable chiropractor in the Oakville area, contact us today!

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