Golfing and Back Pain: Prevention and Treatment

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A lot of people do not associate back pain with golf, but the reality is that this type of pain is very common for those who play this particular sport. Muscle strains and sprains are part of this sport and low back pain can occur as a result. Despite the fact that this injury is common, it can be avoided and a little bit of preparation can help you prevent a back injury while you play golf so that you can enjoy the sport more.

If you’re wondering how golf causes back pain, it’s because the swing motion puts a lot of pressure on the back. It rotates the spine repeatedly and on a tilt and this type of repetitive force can lead to pain. One of the best ways of preventing back injury from golf is to warm-up before you start your game. A simple warm-up routine will make a world of difference and you will help reduce the chances of an injury. The right stretches will allow you to comfortably play the game, so make sure you complete this step; otherwise, your muscles will be rigid and more prone to injury. Leg swings, lunges and pivot rotations are great examples of warm-up exercises.

Using the proper body mechanics will help significantly as well because it will improve your game while reducing stress on your lower back. This will decrease the risk of a back injury and will prevent you from experiencing pain. A lot of golfers rotate through their swing at the lower back but this part of the body is not designed for rotation and will lead to pain if you try to rotate it repeatedly. Make sure your back is in a neutral position instead so that you swing the club with little or no lower back rotation. Find a position that you are comfortable with in a more natural pose as this will allow for rotation in the middle back area, which will alleviate stress and pain. It will also decrease the possibility of an injury to your lower back.

Strengthening your core is an effective prevention method when it comes to back pain and you can include a few simple exercises into your routine whenever you are not golfing to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Planks, hip thrusts and crunches will all help strengthen your core area, which will increase your flexibility and help with your rotation for a better swing.

If you require treatment, chiropractic care can help reduce and eliminate back pain caused by golf. Muscle strains are a common injury and while rest and ice can help, they are not always enough and a chiropractor may be required for real results. If you want the best chiropractor in the Oakville or Mississauga areas, Dundas Chiropractic is the answer. Our chiropodists can help with spinal decompression and more, so if you want to get rid of your pain, give us a call today!

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