The winter can be a dangerous time for your back.Sub-zero temperatures, frosty winds, and slippery ice can cause some serious aches. Here are some causes of winter back pain and how to prevent them.

Problem: Slippery Ice

Walking on ice is dangerous enough, but during the holidays we’re doing it while carrying food and gifts. On top of that, when we walk on slippery surfaces, our bodies subconsciously tense up to brace itself for a fall. So if you slip while walking on ice, you’re more likely to pull a muscle because of how tense you are.This is the most common time of year for fractures and sprains.

Solution: Buy a Pair of Quality Boots

This holiday, give yourself the gift of a good pair of boots. Make sure your boots have a sturdy, high-grip sole. If it’s particularly icy this season, you may want to invest in a set of winter cleats.

Problem: Shoveling Snow

Thousands of people get treated for snow-shoveling injuries every year. Anyone who’s experienced a Canadian winter knows that shoveling snow can cause back, shoulder, and chest pain. If you suffer from heart or back problems, do not attempt to shovel. Ask a family member or hire someone to do it for you.

Solution: Correct Technique

Before you do anything, stretch out your muscles – your arms, your legs, and your back. When shoveling, use your legs and arms to lift and push snow forward instead of throwing it back. Avoid sudden twisting motions. Lift several small loads rather thana big load all at once. Buy anergonomic shovel that’s lightweight with a curved shaft – this will help keep your back upright.

Problem: Winter Sports

Tis’ the season for skating, skiing, and snowboarding.Tis’ also the season for falling on ice. No matter how good you are at winter sports, there’s always a risk of getting hurt. To prevent significant injury we suggest that you prepare your body before any strenuous activity.

Solution: Stretch

Takefive minutes to warm up and stretch your muscles and joints. Be sure to target your back and legs. This will help you prevent injury and help you perform better. And always take breaks. When you’re out in the cold, your muscles will stiffen up.

Dundas Chiropractic Offers Back Pain Treatment

If you do hurt your back, don’t let it ruin your holidays. Dundas Chiropractic offers licensed chiropractic care, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Contact us today to find the best treatment for you.