Shoveling injuries

People all across Southern Ontario had to break out the shovels this morning and there’s no doubt many will be feeling the pain from all that heavy lifting later tonight.
With many more snowfalls to come this winter snow shoveling is one of the most common causes of back injuries during the winter months leaving many canadians with strained backs, sciatica and herniated disks.

Fix Hunchback Posture

Hunchback is a very common thing with people working on computers and looking at their mobile devices. Over time it can get severe so here at Dundas Chiropractic, we preach to do stretches that will help you from having bad posture and prevent any possible pain.

Soccer warm up

Soccer warm ups’

Fifa (International Federation of Association Football) has come out with some recommendations to decrease the incidence of injury to amateur soccer players. The program is designed for players 14 years old and up, was developed by an international group of experts and has been proven in a scientific study (Norway 2008). Teams that it at least twice a week had 30-50% less injuries.

Picking the best bed

Picking the best bed:

The best beds are those which are firmer yet have a small “pillow top” for comfort. Dr. Geisler of Dundas Chiropractic in Oakville looks at spines from a structural perspective and his studies as kinesiologist, A firmer mattress will help to achieve a straighter spine. When on vacation, a good quality hotel will have a firmer mattress. They know that a firmer mattress will provide a better nights sleep.



Pillows are peoples biggest “beef” when it comes to sleeping. I’ve heard “my neck hurts from my pillow”, “my pillow is too soft”, “I love my down pillow but I have headaches all the time” to “the hotel pillow was terrible”. People should use a firm but giving pillow and stop using two or three pillows. A memory foam, contoured, hypoallergenic pillow is superior. Sleep on your side and you’ll “sleep like a baby” and make your trip away from your home great by taking your pillow with you. If you what the last pillow you will ever have, get a pillow from me.

Computer Posture

Computer Posture:

Computers make our lives easier…but we were not meant to stay in one position for 8 hours a day.
1. Use the arms rests, your elbows should be at 90 degrees , your knees should be at 90 degrees . Your arms should be at your side under the keyboard so that the wrists are at neutral position.
2. Your monitor should be the height that your eyes are level with the middle to top of the screen.
3.Don’t sit on one leg, sit straight with your feet on a stand making the fore foot slightly higher than the heel.
4. The most important thing is to take breaks away from the computer. I like to say “always have a glass of water on your desk and drink regularly. The water will be good for you and the water will make you have to visit the bathroom regularly, causing you to get up and move around.
5. Gaiam seats for front staff, computer work stations…everyone.


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