Chiropractic Care for Kyphosis

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If you suffer from kyphosis and are looking for a treatment option that is non-surgical, you should consider chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can help reduce the pain and treat stiffness along with other symptoms. 

Kyphosis is a condition in which the patient has a rounded middle back, much like a hump. A common cause of this is poor posture as well as trauma or certain kinds of diseases which can lead to kyphosis. You can also be born with it, but regardless of how it happened, a chiropractor will determine the cause and create a treatment plan specifically designed for you based on their diagnosis. The first step is always finding out the exact cause of your kyphosis to then develop a treatment plan accordingly. 

Chiropractors will ask about your medical history and will complete a physical examination in order to get a better understanding of your situation. They may request x-rays or an MRI and will likely also complete an examination through touch in which they look out for tenderness, tightness and assess the movement of your spinal joints. All of this will help them understand the cause of your kyphosis so they can proceed with the proper treatment. 

Chiropractic care in relation to kyphosis can help reduce inflammation and decrease muscle spasms. It will help reduce chronic pain and improve your muscular strength so that you have better motion in your spine. It will also help treat the intervertebral discs and help with the middle portion of your back. Most importantly, it will help maintain the health of your spine, which will reduce your pain and discomfort significantly. A chiropractor’s goal is to reduce the hump in addition to lessening the pain. 

There are different treatment plans and each one is unique to the patient and their needs. Your chiropractor can teach you better posture and complete a spinal adjustment which would help improve the movement of your joints. They will find the specific points that cause you pain and apply the right treatment and pressure to relieve tension and allow normal motion to return to your spine. They will also send you home with homework in the form of therapeutic exercises which will further help you manage your kyphosis symptoms.

If you’re looking to treat your kyphosis without having to go through surgery, it’s a good idea to consider chiropractic care. It’s a different approach that can do wonders and reduce your symptoms along with the appearance of your rounded back. If you would like more information regarding chiropractic care and how it can help your kyphosis, contact Dundas Chiropractic today!

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