Back Pain & Social Distancing

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Back pain is a very common problem, and lots of people visit the doctor for this very reason. Back pain can prevent us from going about our daily routine and activities, and it’s natural to want to see a doctor to eliminate or reduce this type of pain. With the current pandemic, however, there are new rules when it comes to appointments and social distancing, so you may have to consider a few preventative measures you can do at home before visiting a doctor’s office.

Resting is often recommended for those who suffer from back pain because it can give your body a break and will allow you to heal. You must be careful, however, because too much rest can actually make the situation worse and may result in more pain. Staying in bed for too long can cause your muscles to lose strength and flexibility, and this will be problematic in the long run. In order for your rest to be effective, you must do so in a comfortable position and the bed or sofa should be firm. Use pillows to help keep your spine properly aligned and placing them under your head and knees will reduce any stress on your ligaments and muscles. Rest only as needed and resume normal range of motion activities as soon as you can.

Movement is very important, so as soon as it is comfortably possible for you to do, start stretching and moving so that your body is not restricted. Start with simple movements like walking and if your back pain is the result of an injury, contact your doctor to see which exercises would be suitable. The wrong ones can cause additional pain or discomfort and your doctor can make recommendations over the phone. Low-intensity movements will help improve your blood flow and muscle elasticity and will speed up the healing process. Pushing your chest forward while your hands are in your back pockets is a common stretch as it will create a natural arch in your back and is very effective. Resting and returning to normal activity as soon as you can will promote better long-term recovery, which is why you should not resort to just staying in bed.

Never push through pain; if a movement hurts, stop. If you do not feel better after some stretches and low-intensity activities, it may be time to contact your doctor because they can complete a thorough assessment and will treat your pain accordingly. Healthcare professionals can recommend other treatments like physiotherapy or medications to help you manage your pain.

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