5 Myths about back pain

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Back pain. The very words make the majority of us shudder due to how awful an impact it can have on our day to day lives and our ability to perform even simple tasks.  Proper lifting techniques and regular exercise can go a long way towards prevention, but there are a lot of myths floating around out there that might lead to harm.  Here are the top 5.

Back pain is going to happen anyway.  

There is no scientific research that says aging equals back pain so don’t assume that your back pain is normal as you grow older. Sure, you may need to take more care and possibly can’t lift as much as you used to, but prevention and regular back care should keep you pain free as you reach your twilight years.

Back pain won’t happen to me if I’m fit.  

Even an athlete is susceptible to having a back injury.  Although keeping fit may help to avoid injuries and will likely keep weight off so your back isn’t under daily strain, all it takes is one wrong move to put your back out.  In one way athletes or the super fit may be even more likely to develop back problems since they feel over confident that they’re immune to the types of injuries “regular” folks sustain, or they may strain themselves during the course of a workout or push themselves past physical limits.

My parent(s) had back pain so I’m going to have it as well.  

Barring specific genetic conditions, back pain isn’t generally something that you can predict just because a family member suffered from it.  Most cases of back pain are very lifestyle or incident specific, so don’t assume your fate is predestined.

It doesn’t hurt that badly so it must be ok.  

Sometimes the effects of an injury take time to show up, so even if you’re not currently in a lot of pain, that doesn’t necessarily indicate that your back injury isn’t a serious one.  Back pain can show up even months after the incident, so if you experience even mild pain over a long period of time, your best bet is to have yourself checked out so that you can cross off the possibility that inflammation isn’t going to rear its ugly head and take you unawares down the line.

Fear of surgery or invasive procedures.  

We tend to avoid what we fear, so if you think that the only way towards recovery is surgery or some other type of invasive procedure it may mean you delay getting professional medical help.  Back pain can be treated in numerous ways, and in fact a trip to your chiropractor may be your best initial step.  If that doesn’t work (and give it time), pain medication may be an option you want to take a look at.  Surgery can be your last option, after you’ve tried other methods towards recovery. 

Don’t suffer in silence.  Consult your chiropractor and get the help you need!

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