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Naturopathic medicine is the primary health practice of treating the whole person by connecting mind, body, and spirit through gentle and individualized care. Naturopathy seeks to identify and treat the cause of illness in a person, with an emphasis on prevention of disease. Governing principles include utilizing the body’s inherent self-healing process, to be mindful of doing no harm to towards the patient, for the doctor to educate the patient about their condition and how it can be treated and managed. Modalities such as botanical medicine, clinical nutritional therapy, homeopathy, physical medicine, and lifestyle counseling, are used by the naturopathic doctor to effectively and safely treat the individual’s condition(s).

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Bio of Dr. Anousha Usman ND

It was her love of learning and engaging with a holistic lifestyle, combined with a calling for helping others that ultimately led Dr. Anousha to the field of naturopathic medicine. After having spent some time abroad volunteering in hospitals in Botswana and a clinic in Nicaragua, she realized that there must be more a physician can do to meet an individual’s health needs. Recognizing that we are all unique in how we express and present with illnesses, Dr. Anousha equipped herself to pursue a career path that she may be in health service to others.

Dr. Anousha completed an intensive 4-year doctorate of naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to that, she completed a bachelor’s of science in psychology at York University.

In her spare time, Dr. Anousha enjoys the close company of friends and family. She fuels her creativity by painting, baking (yes, naturopaths eat sugar sometimes), and writing. To maintain her sanity, Dr. Anousha enjoys a regular exercise routine that benefits both her body and soul. She is an active speaker with her Toastmasters chapter and loves delivering educational and humorous speeches that her audience can actively engage in.

One principle Dr. Anousha practices on a daily basis is,
“If nothing else, leave the world a little better than it was yesterday”.
We are unique beings and our society can always benefit from a little bit of our positive input.

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